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  1. Alan Brown says:

    Isn’t a secured credit card the same thing as a debit card?

    • Credit Monarch says:

      Hi Alan.
      Thank you for the question. Many people think that a secured credit card is the same as a debit card however this is not the case. Unlike your typical debit card, a secured credit card will help you Establish / Improve your credit score, assuming that it will be used responsibly.

  2. Shirley Johnson says:

    this advice really helped me.

  3. Oliver Hall says:

    I never knew anything about a secure credit card.

  4. Ethan Scott says:

    It says in the article above, that having a secured credit card can help rebuild a persons credit, where can I find a place where I can check my credit score for free?

  5. Paul Robinson says:

    I think this is all true, but I just wanted to mention that is a little hard to navigate. Other than that, everything is good.

  6. Richard d'Rihine says:

    Finally! I got the exact answer I was looking for about whether or not a secured card is good for me. It seems like the perfect match for me to build my credit. Thanks.

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