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  1. Alan Brown says:

    Isn’t a secured credit card the same thing as a debit card?

    • Credit Monarch says:

      Hi Alan.
      Thank you for the question. Many people think that a secured credit card is the same as a debit card however this is not the case. Unlike your typical debit card, a secured credit card will help you Establish / Improve your credit score, assuming that it will be used responsibly.

  2. Shirley Johnson says:

    this advice really helped me.

  3. Oliver Hall says:

    I never knew anything about a secure credit card.

  4. Ethan Scott says:

    It says in the article above, that having a secured credit card can help rebuild a persons credit, where can I find a place where I can check my credit score for free?

    • Credit Monarch says:

      If you would like to check your Credit Score for free with no credit card required, please navigate to our Credit Check page and click on “FREE CREDIT SCORE”.

  5. Paul Robinson says:

    I think this is all true, but I just wanted to mention that is a little hard to navigate. Other than that, everything is good.

  6. Richard d'Rihine says:

    Finally! I got the exact answer I was looking for about whether or not a secured card is good for me. It seems like the perfect match for me to build my credit. Thanks.

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