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  1. Holly Cohen says:

    Hello, What is the best way a teenager can build their credit if they have no previous credit?

  2. Drew Reese says:

    My son wants to apply for his first credit card. How do i know if his credit is good enough? Does he even have a credit score.

  3. Emma Edwards says:

    Where can I apply for a credit card so I could add my son to the credit card?

  4. Rachel Weaver says:

    Hi, I am a student, are there any benefits that come with the Credit One Card? thanks!

  5. Kelly Duncan says:

    That is true, I got my son an extension of my credit card last year and he’s become much more responsible when it came to money!

  6. Julia Townsend says:

    Hello, I have the credit one credit card for students. If I don’t pay in full, do I get charged an extra amount? Do my interest rates go up?

  7. Jason Francis says:

    I am a student and i want to get the Credit one credit card. Do i have to pay any yearly fees for that card?

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