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  1. Lisa Green says:

    The thing I love about Amex is there customer service, every time I need it, they are super helpful and courteous!

  2. Andrew Perry says:

    Every time I get enough Cash back rewards , I just apply it to my bill and I pay much less than what I had to.

  3. Leah Sutton says:

    I love this card because there is no annual fee and even though the interest rate is decent, the rewards program makes up for it!

  4. Hannah Gordon says:

    I love My AMEX Gold Sky Miles Card, I like the fact that I get a voucher for buy one ticket, get one ticket for free, within the U.S. I have had America Express for the last 20 years. Its a very good card for me because I save on luggage fees. Also we get to board early on flights. We are definitely saving a lot!

  5. Gavin Miles says:

    Works perfectly for what I use it for.

  6. Janet Dixon says:

    I am satisfied with this card.

  7. Eric Reed says:

    I think it a great card to have when in need. I had no problems when I had to call customer service with a issue.

  8. Steven Long says:

    The cash back program is great. I save so much money when I have to buy birthday presents for my family!

  9. Brian Reyes says:

    I applied for this card because my friend has it and he says its great.
    Now after having it for a while, I see why he recommended it to me.

  10. Ryan Shaw says:

    If I was allowed only one credit card, ever. I would choose Amex! I love it!

  11. Nathan Bradley says:

    This card is great, I always recommend it to everyone!

  12. Kevin Porter says:

    I prefer to use cash and debit, but i have this card for emergencys. It has not failed me yet.

  13. Mark Bell says:

    Great card, Accepted everywhere.

  14. Jane West says:

    I don’t go shopping every day, but when I do, I use my amex!

  15. Richard Wood says:

    The purchase protection is great! When I bought a faulty phone and the store didn’t want to return my money, I called Amex and they helped me get my money back. I am very happy with this card.

  16. Adam Robbins says:

    This is my favorite card, there website gives me control over everything and lets me manage my rewards.

  17. Allison Cook says:

    With all the cash back I’m getting, It’s worth it to pay the annual fee.

  18. Henry Fuller says:

    This card is great for everyday uses and when I abroad, It’s accepted everywhere!

  19. Random User says:

    Why should I get the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Business card instead of the Plum Card from American Express?

    • Credit Monarch says:

      Each card has it’s own different rewards. The American Express SPG Business Card is great for travel rewards and the Plum Card is great for businesses that like to save when paying early.


    • yenon says:

      Each card has it’s own different rewards. The American Express SPG Business Card is great for travel rewards and the Plum Card is great for businesses that like to save when paying early.


  20. Ashley Coleman says:

    I use this card for gas, fits my needs.

  21. Kevin Porter says:

    I use this card for my daily expenses (food, gas etc.). I also like there online service and mobile app.

  22. Wyatt Lynch says:

    I use this card daily. No problems with it.

  23. Kenneth Young says:

    I use this card for auto paying and its great.

  24. Dylan Jensen says:

    My wife uses this card for groceries everyday. We get back so much money with the cash back rewards program!

  25. James Foster says:

    I like Amex because of their security and rewards program. The website is great and their customer service is awesome.

  26. Avery Harrison says:

    Does anyone know how I could use my Business Platinum card membership awards for international flights?

  27. Robert Ortiz says:

    Amex is great for booking flights. Since I spent a lot on flying, I was able to get back bonus money and I booked a vacation to Hawaii.

  28. Lori Bates says:

    Best card on the planet!

  29. Jacob Nunez says:

    This card has a wonderful app! Its easy to install and I can access my account information from anywhere to see my immediate charges when shopping and set a spending limit to be notified when I spent too much.

  30. Ella Crawford says:

    For 2 years now, I have had the Blue for Business credit card. I loved this card since the first day it came in the mail. The cash back program is great because I get back so much money, very fast. I also love the way that their customer service works. Any time I have a problem, they help me out over the phone and online. Also, the card has a beautiful design. If anyone asks me if the card is worth it, I would tell for sure!

  31. Jonathan Cole says:

    Ella, I totally agree with you! This card is great! Everywhere I travel, they accept this card, The money from the rewards program is easy to claim and easy track. I also love the love the look of the card. But my favorite part is that they don’t charge me any yearly fees!

  32. Anthony Graham says:

    I have good credit. Does my business need to have good credit also for the Business Green Reward card?

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